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What is Starship? SpaceX's New Rocket Explained

You might have heard of SpaceX before, and if you have, you'd know that the company conducts private space launches regularly. Even though it's routine, it's still exciting to watch a Falcon 9 rise off of the launch pad and go hurtling up through the atmosphere at hundreds of miles per hour, finally breaking away and sailing off into the vast world that is space. But even more exciting than unmanned satellite launches and cargo runs to the ISS is the future of space travel as we know it: the Starship.

Currently being built and tested is Elon Musk's latest and greatest rocket. Starship is likely to be the rocket that takes us to the moon again as well as to Mars and beyond. It will make it easier and cheaper to send materials and people to space, as well as to explore even deeper and reach bigger milestones than ever before. Consisting of a stainless steel second stage, a shiny new first stage, a next-generation payload faring, and the new Raptor engines, the fully-reusable rocket will mark the next step in gathering our bearings throughout the great beyond.

There's a whole world that lies ahead with the help of the SpaceX rocket. Hopefully, in a couple of years, Starship will open the doors to a whole new era of possibilities!

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